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The Exchange Advantage™

ONLINE's proprietary Rental Exchange creates a safety net that prevents customers from moving between rentals without paying you and your industry peers and helps you recover past-dues by capturing and updating debtor contact information in real time.

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The ONLINE Rental Exchange: the Total Solution to Screening New Tenants

Past Due Bill

The ONLINE Rental Exchange is the next generation in tenant screening, credit risk, and bad-debt management solutions for the property management and rental industry. We provide you with identity verification, rental deposit decisions, and fully detailed credit files over the Internet or through your current property management platform to assess the potential risk of your prospective tenants.

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Assess Credit Risk Instantly

Do you know with certainty if the individual applying for your property will be able to pay the rent on time or even at all? If you're not using the ONLINE Rental Exchange, your answer is likely "no."

The ONLINE Rental Exchange instantly shows you what type of credit risk each applicant poses to your business. This allows you to make accurate, objective, credit-based deposit decisions on your prospective tenants every time.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Know Your Prospective Tenants

ONLINE Collections Have you ever wondered if the applicant in your office is giving you his or her true name and social security number or is using someone else's identity? The ONLINE Rental Exchange provides fast, accurate verification of name and social security number through a national database.

No matter who they are or what state they are from, our report will show you if your applicants are providing their true name and social security number.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Criminal and Eviction Reports

Criminal Searches Check the criminal and eviction background of a prospective tenant instantly! The ONLINE Rental Exchange uses the most up-to-date national criminal databases to deliver state-wide and county-wide felony and misdemeanor conviction records as well as eviction records.

Our access to nationwide databases allows us to deliver the most thorough background check at the best price.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Why We're #1: The Exchange Advantage™

The ONLINE Rental Exchange allows you to report evictions, property damage, late payments, or monies owed to you by former tenants to all other Rental Exchange customers. In return you receive any negative information on your prospective tenants submitted by other Rental Exchange users.

This allows you to protect your property from prospective tenants who have damaged property or skipped out on rent in the past.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Access ONLINE Services with One Click

ONLINE has successfully partnered with property management software vendors to integrate our services with several industry-leading platforms. Determine delinquency risk, prevent application fraud, and instantly view criminal and eviction histories all through your existing system!

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

Recover Your Money Now!

ONLINE Collections When all of your attempts to collect from tenants who have skipped out owing you money have failed, refer the account to ONLINE Collections. ONLINE Collections has been in the collection business for over 40 years. ONLINE has the technology and professional staff to locate and collect from those who have skipped, owing you money.

Interested? Request more information or call us today at (866) 630-6400.

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